Lindsay Lohan Is Better Off Without Clothes

In Lindsay Lohan on 28 Mar 2012

Lindsay Lohan plays Jesus in a sexy manner!

Lindsay Lohan seems that she had found her new meaning in life: posing sexy for different magazines. I don’t know about you, but I really like this and regardless the fact that I cannot tell a thing that the actress (or former actress) does for her career, other than seducing the camera I likes the new Lindsay Lohan.

And as a flashback, here’s the 2010 photoshoot that Lohan did for Purple Magazine, in which she played as a sexy woman, as well as Jesus. I wonder whose idea was this, because it seems just interesting seeing Lindsay Lohan with her boobs out and her spine crown on her head. She’s a pretty bad, but hot sinner and her voluptuous curves just drive crazy!

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I must not forget about the captures in which she starts losing her panties, leaving her ass so naked and so vulnerable and it’s turning me on! It’s just not possible for Lindsay Lohan to be a turn off when she looks like that.