Lindsay Lohan Post-Jail Legs

In Lindsay Lohan on 27 Aug 2010
Lindsay Lohan Legs

Lindsay Lohan Legs

Lindsay Lohan is out of jail, out of rehab and back out in the word and she did it in some serious high heels and showing off her killer, long legs. I have to admit, she looks really good. I guess jail and rehab agrees with her because she seems happy and is starting to get that fresh faced thing going again. In addition to those hot legs her boobs look like they got a little larger while she was in the slammer.

What I don’t get is why she is happy to have her picture taken in one set, then pissed about it in another. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but her legs look amazing. Am I the only one that sees her now and can’t imagine but wonder if she had any lesbian sex in jail? I get this vision of her hooking up with a 200 lbs Mexican girl who rolls Lindsay around like her personal burrito. Sounds kind of hot right?

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