Maggi Caruthers Shows Off Her Hotness By Wearing See-Through Lingerie

In Models on 19 Jul 2013
Maggi Caruthers in hot see-through lingerie!

Maggi Caruthers in hot see-through lingerie!

In the summer, when every chick is in her bikini, it’s nice to have a good photoshoot in which the model’s body is wrapped in the skimpiest pieces of lingerie. And it’s the perfect way for the no name model Maggi Caruthers to make herself stand out, raising our interest for her.

She looks so sexy in that underwear, that it would be a crime to have her wear something else. Her curves are well exposed and it’s impossible to miss that ass that she intentionally turns for the camera to capture it. Maggi Caruthers is a fresh breath of air, the perfect amount of hotness to charge our minds with naughty stuff for the entire weekend!

At some point you’ll even believe she put a pair of thong on the wrong way. But when you realize that it was supposed to be so thin and revealing in the front, you’ll think you’re dead and went to heaven. That’s Maggi Caruthers! Enjoy her!

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