Malin Akerman Looks Amazing With Her Clothes Off

In Hot as Hell, Malin Akerman, Nip Slip on 16 Sep 2010
Malin Akerman Nude

Malin Akerman Nude

Malin Akerman did some hot nearly naked shots recently and she showed some of her great ass and sweet nipples (a couple of the pics include nip slips). This girl is smoking hot. She has the perfect body, a killer face and a smile that could knock you over.

Maybe it is because I just watched Couple Retreat the other night, but this girl really is becoming one of my favorites. She seems to be cool, she is so sexy she makes me want to eat dog food and shit in the yard and she is talented. It doesn’t hurt that she seems completely comfortable in next to nothing. I think the hottest part of these pics is that half of them look like she just woke up from a night of hot sex with me and she hasn’t yet realized that the ropes are off and she can run for it.

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