Maria Menounos Gets Her Bikini Body Wet

In Celebrities on 7 May 2012

Maria Menounos screams sexiness and definitely not her age!

The best way to start a week is by enjoying some photos of Maria Menounos in bikini. The actress, TV presenter or even occasional wrestler hosted “Lime-A-Rita” Cinco de Mayo Party in Las Vegas and she looked so hot in a green bikini that showed off her fitted body. You wouldn’t say she’s 33, looking at her, but she succeeds in amaze us with her delicious, yet small curves.

Maria Menounos is not a voluptuous woman, instead she knows how to expose herself in the best light. The bikini top make her boobs arrange in a very sexy cleavage, her abs are rocking and her ass is maybe firmer than in her 20s.

I enjoy her hot body too much to even think she’s dating the one standing next to her. Maria Menounos and bikini just go along together perfectly. With a hot appearance as Maria’s, who would refuse selling her body wearing almost nothing?

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