Maria Menounos Highlighting Her Ass In A Backless Dress

In Celebrities on 30 Jan 2013

Maria Menounos gets sexy without revealing too much!

It’s time to delight our eyes with a true lady walking on the red carpet. Maria Menounos, the actress that always manages to drives us crazy every time she appears, less or more clothed, depending on the case. Today we have here a classy Maria Menounos, a true lady at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. A long red dress, showing no cleavage in the front might seem a little bit too boring for us.

But the surprise comes when she turns around and we find out that her she’s got a back cleavage going so low, it almost reveals her ass. Well, that’s not happening and the only thing her backless dress succeeds regarding her ass is enhance it.

We know Maria Menounos is curvy, but her butt is looking sexier than even in this dress. I almost don’t feel the lack of front cleavage at all. But it’s true Maria Menounos feeds our hunger for her curves treating us with a smoking hot revealing back.

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