Maria Menounos Puts Her Ass In Action At The Beach

In Celebrities on 16 Jul 2012

Maria Menounos fooling around in her sexy bikini!

Maria Menounos has so much energy at the beach that she almost transmits her positive vibe to us through the photos, as well. An active life is definitely the secret for this sexy bikini body she shows. Hard rocking abs like those don’t come so easily without any work. But let’s not feel pity for Maria Menounos and just enjoy the photos we have from her relaxing day in Malibu, where she gets her sexy legs wet and not only.

Flower print bikini makes a contrast with her tanned skin and the triangle bikini bra keeps her boobs squeezed, forming a beautiful cleavage. I bet not many of you thought a wrestler can look so fragile and feminine. Tough when it’s the case and sweet in most of the cases, showing off her hot curves, Maria Menounos impresses in her 30s. Lately, women keep their sexy appearance longer, so this means only good news for us – more and more women to delight with!

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