Marloes Horst Melts The Ice With Her Smoking Hot Ass

In Models on 10 Apr 2012

Marloes Horst puts everything on fire with her hotness!

Marloes Horst is just another supermodel that makes you lose your minds from the first two seconds you see her. I can’t believe how many hot girls there are in this world. This particularly one, Marloes Horst, is a Dutch sweetness and her blonde hair, provocative eyes and her meaty lips incite all my senses.

Not that her body is somewhere lower in my top, because she has the perfect curves. Posing in swimwear for the 2012 spring-summer collection of KOM, Marloes Horst reveals most of the key parts that we’re interested in.

The conclusion is that she is so hot that she can melt the icebergs in the photos with her ass or that she can sweeten the wild landscape with her sexy appearance, exposing so unselfconscious her leggy posture and her yummy cleavage.

I’m not so familiar with Netherlands, so I can’t help but wonder: does it has some other sexier girls than Marloes Horts? She just set some very high standards and the thought of something even better excites me.

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