Maty Matusevich Playing Sexy For Lida Lingerie

In Models on 29 May 2013
An unexpected sexy view of Maty Matusevich in the kitchen!

An unexpected sexy view of Maty Matusevich in the kitchen!

Maty Matusevich let her smoking hot body exposed in the sexy Lida lingerie and bikini for photographer Dimitris Skoulos. There are three names in the previous sentence and I don’t know any of them. But why should I bother finding out who Maty Matusevich is, when her body is her business card.

The feeling that I’m getting by looking at these photos is that I have a sexy housewife in front of my eyes. A housewife that cooks and clean the house in see-through lingerie – sign me in for! Curves which follow the intriguing lines, Brazilian cuts making her ass look incredible, they are all a great inspiration.

I expect Summer 2013 to be very, very hot, from my point of view. Model Maty Matusevich helps a lot in my head and I have just added a new blonde on my sexy unknown-babe list. Check her out below and let yourself led into this one hot trailer trash fantasy.

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