Mayra Suarez Makes A Lingerie Impression

In Models on 14 Mar 2012

Mayra Suarez is a sexy promising model!

When I discover new models, they come like a fresh breath of air. Today, my new sensation is Mayra Suarez, a Mexican fashion model. She seems so innocent in all of her photos and her face looks so much younger than her 26 years old she has. But at the same time she’s to die for. Her curves are not so exaggerated, but I like what I see: beautiful cleavage, although her boobs are not so big and looking like a perfect clepsydra. Everything dressed with some sexy lingerie that makes all look like in a sweet fantasy.

Mayra Suarez is definitely promising in the model world and I am looking forward to see even more skin if possible, especially a little bit of that bootie that she kept away from the camera in these photos. Anyway, the photoshoot is hot and I don’t want this post to be the last one about her.

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