Meet Albanian Hottie Angela Martini

In Models on 7 May 2013
Angela Martini deserves to cover Maxim!

Angela Martini deserves to cover Maxim!

Angela Martini is the kind of girl that appears out of nowhere and simply blows your mind with her sexiness. We’re lucky Maxim Switzerland features her in the May 2013 issue, because otherwise we wouldn’t be hearing much about this 27-year-old Albanian model that I knew nothing until today.

Her pictorial seems very promising, with much skin involved. Angela Martini wears either sexy lingerie or just nothing, covering her naked body with a white sheet, making us crave to see more than a little cleavage and a part of her ass. So far, I’ve learned that boobs are her best assets and my first impression of her is a very positive one. How could I resist to such a sexy temptation?

For those who didn’t let themselves convinced by the Maxim pictorial, I’ve added some other photos from Angela’s collection. That will make it clear for everyone: Angela Martini is one good piece of a woman.

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