Mel Arias Is Busted All Sexy In A Hotel Room

In Models on 11 Oct 2012

Mel Arias contemplates over the view. We contemplate her cleavage!

A few days ago I was talking about Priscilla Caripan that totally stunned us in DSS Spain October 2012. Well, today it’s time for her Mel Arias, the one that shares the same issue of the same magazine with Priscilla Caripan. And just because Mel Arias comes a few days later, it doesn’t mean that her photoshoot is any less intriguing as the other one.

In a whole new approach, the hot Latin model lets herself photographed in a hotel room and it’s balcony, from where we got two beautiful views: one, it’s obvious, is the girl, and the second one is the background view. Thong, push up bra and satin lingerie are all Mel Arias needs.

Just imagine what a delight was for the people living in the near buildings, as Mel Arias goes so far that she even lets go of her bra. A hot busty girl goes topless. Mel Arias is busted!

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