Melissa Satta Strikes Again With Her Awesome Bikini Ass

In Melissa Satta on 7 May 2013
What a sweet sexy ass view from Melissa Satta!

What a sweet sexy ass view from Melissa Satta!

Another summer in Miami, but still the same old hot Melissa Satta wearing proudly her semi-thong bikinis we’ve already got used to. Yes, you’re right. Some of the sexiest bikini candids are here to please your eyes, because Melissa Satta doesn’t mind letting the photographers catch her curves and especially her ass in the most intriguing poses.

With a mismatch bikini on, it’s kind of hard staying focused on her cleavage part covered by a bandeau, as there’s not much to see. But everything is compensated by her sweet ass. Those naughty butt-cheeks coming out of that bikini bottom make my day! And when she cools off her curves in the ocean, then everything takes a whole new level of hotness.

Oh, Melissa Satta! And when you think the bikini season hasn’t even started, a big smile appears on my face, thinking about what could this hottie come up to in her upcoming bikini appearances.

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