Michaela Kocianova Is Feminine And Sexy For Blanco Lingerie

In Models on 19 Oct 2012

Michaela Kocianova needs straps for her bra to hold the heaviness of her boobs!

Blanco Lingerie 2012 campaign pictures the beautiful Slovak model, Michaela Kocianova, in black in white photos. The photoshoot is extremely appealing, as Michaela Kocianova wears the sexy pieces of lingerie like a lady. Almost naked, just covered in underwear, the model looks amazing. Her every curve is nicely revealed and she has that bursting attitude, like she’s so confident, it wouldn’t bother her go out on the streets like that.

So, while Blanco wants to give women wearing the brand’s lingerie confidence, men are left to enjoy the body. See-through panties, push-up bras and a very inviting smile on her face are enough for sexy Michaela Kocianova to rock our world. I still believe these lingerie campaigns are in fact more effectively on men, than on women, because, after all, we’re the one able to stare at them for hours. And speaking about it, I’m done! Enjoy the hottie below!

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