Michea Crawford And Her Delicious Curves

In Models on 22 Feb 2013 by Bog

Being fresh and having a sensual look – that’s how Michea Crawford enchants us!

Michea Crawford continues to enjoy us in Pain du Sucre swimwear and this time she presents the Spring-Summer 2013 collection. The scenario is still very exotic, with sand, water and natural backgrounds that only make us think about the hot season we’re all waiting for and the hot Michea Crawford that looks just stunning in each bikini.

Her body is wet, sweaty or dirty, like she just read my mind and figured it out what I want to see. And check those smoking hot curves, having her big boobs perfectly balanced by that naughty ass she exposes for us in fewer shots than we’d want her to.

But you know what? Words don’t mean a thing right now, so you better make yourself comfortable and start your weekend in the most pleasant way, by delighting with Michea Crawford and that perfect figure that will stay long time imprinted in my brain.

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