Miley Cyrus Is Emancipating – Underboob Or Sideboob?

In Miley Cyrus on 2 May 2013 by Bog
Miley delivers only sexy ass shots!

Miley delivers only sexy ass shots!

The story featuring Miley Cyrus in the upcoming issue V Magazine is called „The Emancipation of Miley”. And you should see the pictorial! That title could not describe any better the transformation of the former Disney star.

With a total new attitude, Miley Cyrus reveals butt-crack with no regrets, flaunting proudly every asset she’s got. This new image includes wearing some unbuttoned low waist jeans pantyless or short studded jeans in reverse, so tight on her butt-cheeks. If you thought sideboob is conservative, way to see the star’s underboob. See-through and braless tops offer hot perspectives over Miley’s tits, for the picture to be complete.

Emancipation, indeed! We have finally the true image of Miley Cyrus. And she’s not quite an angel at all, but more like a hot provocative demon to whom I’d give my soul to in a second.

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