Miley Cyrus Leg Show [80 Photos]

In Beautiful, Featured, Miley Cyrus on 26 Sep 2011
Miley Cyrus Sexy Legs

Miley Cyrus Sexy Legs

Miley Cyrus grew up under our critic eyes. Many things have been said and done, and she always kept tabloid’s first page with all sorts of scandals from smoking pot to leaking her private pictures. She’s still young and has many more years to fill gossip writer’s time, and with those killer legs she’ll surely keep her A-list celebrity status.

While she’s not the sexiest teenage idol out there, she sure got her fans. From 14 years old who take her magazine pictures in the bathroom with them to 50 year old perverts that can’t wait to be home alone to browse the net for some more of those sexy Miley Cyrus pics. This is for all of you, and these are by far the hottest Miley Cyrus Sexy Legs photos so far!

Too bad she’s not wearing high heels too often, and those that she does are simply horrible – and I’m no expert. I would strongly recommend some high heeled (7 inch) stripper shoes.

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