Miley Cyrus Pops Out Her Ass In Yoga Poses

In Miley Cyrus on 31 Jan 2013

Miley Cyrus got boobs and ass! Yes, she’s still a woman!

After making fun of her own hair, by cutting it so short that she ended up looking like a tomboy, Miley Cyrus has one thing left to do in order to remember that she’s still a woman: showing off her curves. So, here she is, in a black bikini, making her yoga exercises on a Costa Rica beach. And she looks so hot, you’ll even forget for a minute about her horrible hair.

All the attention goes on her ass, semi revealed through that bikini bottom. Everything that Miley Cyrus does puts her ass in the spotlight and, to be honest, it’s looking so sexy. Including the time when she gets her butt-cheeks wet just to cool off a bit the hotness that boils inside her. Miley Cyrus, thank you for those sexy yoga poses and thank you for reminding us you still have curves.

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