Miranda Kerr Is The Heavenly Creature With The Body Of An Angel

In Miranda Kerr on 28 Nov 2012

Leggy Miranda Kerr is hot as hell!

Miranda Kerr is lovely as usual, so it’s normal for all the magazines to want her on the cover. Today you have below photos from three magazine appearances. I believe I should start with the one that gets her as naked as possible: Esquire Magazine. Miranda Kerr offers her topless body, posing in sexy lingerie and the most inciting positions. She highlights her gorgeous legs, leading your thoughts so up in the sky, she bends her ass out and the madness is just starting.

Among other various models she appears in Vogue Spain December 2012. If some of them show off their tits, Miranda Kerr decided to disclose her butt crack thanks to an unzipped skirt. As for the Marie Claire South Africa photoshoot for the December 2012 issue, the sexy model covers her sexy curves even more and we discover the mother Miranda Kerr, with a generous cleavage and a leg revealing from the long dress she wears. That’s how a true milf looks like!

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