Miranda Kerr Looks Good In Her Panties

In Miranda Kerr on 15 Jul 2010
Miranda Kerr Panties

Miranda Kerr Panties

Just when I thought Miranda Kerr couldn’t get any hotter, these pics come out. These are some new ad shots for Victoria’s Secret showing Miranda and her world-class body wearing all kinds of hot little bra and panty sets and looks unbelievably hot doing it.

I don’t really know what else to say about Miranda. She might be the perfect woman. She¬† is smoking hot, her job requires her to wear next to nothing and she is Australian so you know she has a sexy accent. Orlando Bloom (who is engaged to her) is the luckiest man alive. Not only was his first ever real acting job in The Lord of the Rings movies, but he then makes out with Keira Knightly in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and now he is engaged to Miranda. Damn you Bloom! Damn you to hell!

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The Buzz

very very beautiful

July 20, 20109:17 am


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