Miranda Kerr On A Hot Wedding Night By Victoria’s Secret

In Miranda Kerr on 4 Feb 2013

Bride Miranda Kerr makes the sexiest wedding night ever!

Victoria’s Secret presents bride lingerie with Miranda Kerr as the model. Well, Miranda Kerr is happily married for almost three years now and it’s nice to have a piece of the whole that Orlando Bloom got on their wedding night. “I do” tank tops, “bride” written all over – her back, her ass -, veils, lots of white and, of course, lots of see-through lace.

With such a hot body, a girl like Miranda Kerr should make this sexy lingerie her wedding dress. The guests, especially male guests would be thrilled and the groom the luckiest man on Earth. Oh, but these are just sweet dreams. Not even Miranda Kerr would walk down the aisle all leggy, with her boobs held only by a white bra.

Instead, she’d turn on the night, her curves burning of hotness, worse than the hell. Except it’s heaven having one of the most beautiful girls in the world as wife. Oh, how I wish!

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