Miranda Kerr Spreads Her Legs In The Air

In Miranda Kerr on 28 Feb 2013

Miranda Kerr has good skills in spreading her legs!

I’m feeling lucky today and Miranda Kerr wanted to make my feeling come true. So she changed her angel attitude for a very naughty one. Caught on the photoshoot set of Kora Organics, her own skincare label, the model was caught in some of the most inciting positions.

I’m on fire and I cannot believe my eyes. The unthinkable just happened. Miranda Kerr spreading her legs in the air while showing off her gymnast skills – oh, we get such a great view over her white lace panties! Forgetting about the dress, forgetting about all the exposure that it was definitely going to happen, Miranda Kerr followed her instinct.

You go, Miranda!. Your beautiful leggy figure must be put at one good sexy use and this only shows an adorable courage and self confidence. Now, I’ll just shut up. Each one of us deserves to enjoy the hot photos from below in silence. On and on and on!

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