Miranda Kerr – The Genuine Sexy Model For Lingerie

In Miranda Kerr on 18 Jul 2012

Innocent and hot – what a great combination in Miranda Kerr!

When you say Victoria’s Secret, you say sexy girls presenting its lingerie. The today’s beautiful Angel is Miranda Kerr that amazes with her natural innocence. Yet she manages to incite us with a provocative commercial for the cotton line of Victoria’s Secret lingerie. Twisting her nearly naked body in the bed, the model gets naughty, as we all get a hot invitation to her curves.

Her booty looks amazing in those panties and it’s such a pleasure seeing how Miranda Kerr puts it in the spotlight in most of the scenes. To make us want more of her or just to highlight the sexy ass, she takes her bra off at some points, covering her topless body with her arms or with an unbuttoned vest, having a necklace coming through her boobs.

On one pair of her panties it says “Girls just wanna have sun”. Well, on mine it says “I just wanna have Miranda Kerr”. Too bad she’s married and Orlando Bloom gets to use Miranda’s sexy body in its pleasure. On a second thought, she’s kind of ruffled in the photos…

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