Monica Pietrasinska On A Lingerie Photoshoot

In Monika Pietrasinska on 7 Mar 2012

This girl knows how to pose in lingerie!

Monica Pietrasinska sounds Russian, but she’s not from there. This beauty comes all way from Poland and it’s like a fresh breath, looking so sexy and curvy. I don’t know if you noticed, but the girls from that part of the world are pretty easy to recognize, especially because they are so voluptuous, in a very good way.

Just take a quick look to her thighs, they are absolutely hot.  Monica Pietrasinska is a woman that you just wouldn’t take your hands off. Her everything is to die for: big boobs, great ass, beautiful eyes… I’m speechless!

And when she poses in all sorts of types of lingerie, my mind runs wild! Oh, by the way: funny thing about lingerie vs. bikini. Girls have no problem in exposing their bodies on the beach wearing a bikini, but when the bra is just a bit visible, it’s a tragic moment. Thanks God, the models have no issue with that and we get to see Monica Pietrasinska as we speak, looking smoking sexy showing off her goodies!

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