Monika Pietrasinka Spreads Her Legs Insinuating In FHM Thailand

In Monika Pietrasinska on 6 Feb 2013

A tight ass that is, by Monica Pietrasinska!

I can’t read Thai, but when I see the February issue of FHM Magazine, I can pay attention to everything but the interview with Monika Pietrasinska. I can see her legs spread on the driver’s seat, I can see how she turns her ass for us, while holding the hand break very suggestive, I can see her sleek hair nicely touching her squeezed boobs into a beautiful cleavage and I can see a woman that every man would be a fool to not adore.

This is Monika Pietrasinska. This is her photoshoot for FHM. The rest is just simple words. Nothing can express her hotness as well as the photos. Latex, leather, tight bodies and lots of skin shown off – this makes it a must see. And beside everything, in the gallery you will find some other photos from a different photoshoot, where Monika Pietrasinska simply mesmerizes a man with a piano, just by sitting next to him, with few clothes on. You just can’t fight a beautiful woman!

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