Monika Pietrasinska’s Burden Is Her Heavy Cleavage

In Monika Pietrasinska on 30 Nov 2012

This is what I call the sexy bride of the collection!

Monika Pietrasinska fills the bra cups with her generous tits, just like she fills our minds with dirty thoughts when we see her. It’s inevitable, as she arouses our senses with every inch of her body. And I don’t blame it on the Lupo lingerie she has on, but on her sex-appeal, that instantly attracts.

The good or the bad? Well, although she poses in white lingerie, as well, Monika Pietrasinska doesn’t look pure at all. See-through panties, a push-up bra and stockings definitely make you think about anything else than her purity.

So, I guess everyone agrees that the sweet Polish model looks way better with her naughty attitude. Skimpy lingerie, a sexy posture with boobs pushed in the front and the ass in the back – these are the things defining our hot Monika Pietrasinska. It almost doesn’t matter that what she’s got under the bra is a perfectly well done breast implant.

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