Nicole Scherzinger – A Tough, Wet And Hot Surfer

In Nicole Scherzinger on 9 Jul 2012

Have five, Nicole! You’re wet and sexy!

Nicole Scherzinger is sweet and tough at the same time. Smiling for the camera, showing her sensual skills, the singer looks like a doll in bikini. But when Nicole Scherzinger goes into the water and strains those strong muscles she has, it’s like the inner warrior comes out. It’s sexy either way and it’s even sexier that her toned body keeps the perfect feminine shapes I adore.

Too bad her tits have such a great support from that bikini bra, because seeing the shots capturing her in the air while jumping shows me what a potential boob show could have been there. Thankfully, we get to check her booty as she surfs and I got nothing bad to say about a sexy sculpted body. Nicole Scherzinger and her beauty are really intimidating and having a woman like her next to me, that knows when to play and when to be cool, yet always sexy is to be definitely desired.

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