Nicole Scherzinger In An Italian Bikini Break

In Nicole Scherzinger on 31 May 2012

Nicole Scherzinger gets naughty!

Nicole Scherzinger enjoy’s her boyfriend’s company, Lewis Hamilton and at the same time she relaxes on a lounge chair, revealing her body in a sexy bikini. She makes faces, she turns from one side to another, but she’s not smiling at all. The kiss between the two is the only sign things are alright.

As for what we can see, her body is in a beautiful shape, her ass looking gorgeous in the photos. This total state of laziness Nicole Scherzinger shows is damn sexy, especially watching her unclothed body resting. A good advice for that dude next to her would be to give her more attention.

A woman like Nicole Scherzinger deserves everything. And for a man, feeling that hot tanned body would be the supreme delight. Singer’s days-off in Italy were a productive experience for all of us. She’s just another hottie in a tiny bikini.

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