Nina Agdal Adds Sugar And Spice In See-through Lace Lingerie

In Nina Agdal on 2 May 2013
Nina Agdal is all busty and see-through!

Nina Agdal is all busty and see-through!

Nina Agdal stays dedicated to Aerie and so it is time for another round of drooling over some sexy shots. Lingerie is always the theme of Aerie photoshoots, of course, but lace bra and thongs seem to be the predominant in this one we present you below. I dare you to name three things sexier than the blonde’s boobs left almost free in lace bras following their natural and sexy shape.

I love to see that Nina Agdal stays true to herself and we see her only in inciting poses. There’s no “good side” or “bad side” when it comes to her curves, there’s only perfection. Sunken in the white sheets of the bed, the model induces me in fantasizing.

Nina Agdal is the perfect reflection of the type of woman men dream about walking up next to in the morning when, preferably, the Aerie underwear is thrown on the floor, being taken off in the heat of the night.

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