Nina Agdal Giving A Crazy Topless Show

In Nina Agdal on 4 Jun 2012

Nina Agdal looks gorgeous. What to look at first?

Being a model means being young and starting the career at a very early age. Nina Agdal is 19, so I could even say the Danish beauty isn’t just started modeling. Catalog shoots, bikini, lingerie, these are all familiar with the model and judging by her work so far, I’d say she has a great potential.

Today we get to see a photoshoot by Rick Delgado. Nina Agdal is at the beach, but she is better off without her bikini top and going topless seemed a sexier alternative. Covering her cleavage with the hands, everything remains censured for our eyes. Except for the beautiful round shape of the boobs she’s proudly leaving at sight.

I guess her dressed booty compensates with the topless part and it’s not really a reproach for her. Nina Agdal is playful and I can tell from the photos how much she enjoys showing off her sexy curves. That’s the best attitude, because men love seeing women so excited.

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