Nina Agdal Has Sexy Company For Penti Bikini Photoshoot

In Nina Agdal on 8 May 2013
Nina Agdal is on fire!

Nina Agdal is on fire!

One can never have too much of Nina Agdal. And leading our throughts in that direction, today we have another photoshoot where the lovely model unleashes her inner and outer sexiness. She’s in bikini for Penti and she looks absolutely stunning. But, hey, that doesn’t surprises me at all anymore, as I’ve seen Nina Agdal in so many photoshoot. We all know what to expect from Nina Agdal and she always surpasses our expectations.

For example, in this photoshoot she’s received a temporary twin, if I can call that girlfriend joining the photoshoot this way. She’s like a mirror reflection of Nina Agdal, competing in beauty, tan and curves. It’s hard to tell which one is hotter and it’s even harder to decide which one is my favorite. But I most definitely like what they did there, by adding an extra killing dose of sexiness.

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