Nina Agdal Presents A Wet Bikini Body

In Nina Agdal on 22 Jan 2013

Nina Agdal is wet and smoking hot!

Nina Agdal continues to show off her sexy body in Sauvage swimwear. And it seems the photoshoots are better every time. Not only the bikinis really compliment the model’s figure, but the nature itself has been so giving with her, gifting her with such a tremendously sexy body.

Oh, the nature! It’s the wetness of her curves and the sand sticking to them that makes me talk nonsense. Because, after all, hot is the only word I need to characterize Nina Agdal. My eyes are mesmerized by her popping boobs in that naughty cleavages and the curviness of every body line, while my mind is way far, leaded by what the eyes see.

So, whatever Nina Agdal is doing, it’s working. I’m trapped by her sexy charm, like all you will end up being. Well, I’m not complaining at all. Nina Agdal is such a pleasant view!

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