Not Even Space Can’t Resist To Kelly Brook’s Voluptuous Appearance

In Kelly Brook on 31 May 2013
Kelly Brook is the morning beauty!

Kelly Brook is the morning beauty!

The Sci-fi themed Axe commercial brings Kelly Brook in an unusual context for her: space. And as everything around her simulates that the gravity can be fought, things floating around her, Kelly Brook stays still on the ground. It definitely must be her chest that keeps pulling her down, anchoring her on the floor.

But enough with the administrative stuff, as how our favorite busty lady is dressed seems more like a real matter to me. Or, better said, how much and what she exposes. You just can’t resist taking your eyes off her when she appears in tight latex body suit, perfectly highlighting each curve of her body. The zip just couldn’t reach her neck, so the massive boobs were left to bust out, contouring her look.

A woman like Kelly Brook needs sexy lingerie pieces even in space, so a nice and delicate baby-doll leaves her legs shown, having just a discrete cleavage. Astronauts would love having such a pleasant feminine presence on their space ship.

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