Olga Kurylenko Is Today’s Bikini Babe

In Celebrities on 25 Oct 2012

Leggy and skinny with curves… the recipe for sexiness by Olga Kurylenko!

Olga Kurylenko enjoys the sunny weather in Miami while others face a cold autumn, making them put more and more clothes on. But that’s not the actresses’ case, as she was spotted twice at the beach, discovering her body and leaving for us to see everything, except for the parts covered in tiny bikini. She was carefully backed by her boyfriend, Danny Huston, as her amazing beach curves can catch the attention of all men that see her.

Black or red? Olga Kurylenko proposes for us two bikinis. The red one is more playful and girlier, with ruffles on the bikini bottom, and the black one shows off a sexier woman. But, in the end, every good swimsuit is good to be watched on a hot body, so nothing else matters in the end. Olga Kurylenko is our beach babe today and I cannot be any pleased with the choice.

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