Oliva Wilde Is Wet And Hot

In Olivia Wilde on 26 Aug 2010
Olivia Wilde Bikini

Olivia Wilde Bikini

It seems like all the celebs are in Hawaii this week. Olivia Wilde joined in the fun and showed them how to do it right when she hit the water in a tight little bikini. Her body is amazing and her face is great. She has a nice smile, but forget that, she has abs you just want to spray lime juice all over and lick them with a shot a tequilla.

As I looked at these pictures I realized that I have never actually seen her doing anything but looking hot. As it turns out Olivia has been in a lot of movies that I have seen. How did I not know that? I feel a little guilty when I think that I might have jerked off to her in the past and not even known it was her. That is just wrong, you should always know a girl’s name before you pound it to her.

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