Olivia Wilde Crawling Her Ass

In Olivia Wilde on 1 Feb 2013

Olivia Wilde gets leggy and disclosed!

Being an actress means being able to get in any role. And my imagination runs wild when I see Olivia Wilde wearing feathers attached to her lingerie. She’s definitely playing a role right now. But besides the two photos from Vanity Fair Hollywood 2013 issue, let’s have a throwback to 2009.

I know, it seems like ancient history, but recently finding these photos picturing Olivia Wilde made me realize that she did not change at all. She’s still the same hottie, with smoking hot curves, with the main difference that today there are few who doesn’t know her.

This is actually a photoshoot for Elle Magazine and you can see Olivia really had potential. Well, she cultivated this potential, ending up today flaunting very sensual her leggy figure in front of us. Olivia Wilde is a sexy sweetheart. Take a look and let your mind invaded by her beauty!

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