Oops! Eva Longoria Forgot Her Bra

In Eva Longoria on 24 Feb 2012

Thanks God the gravity doesn't work for Eva Longoria's tits!

They say that good things come in small packages. And when it comes to Eva Longoria, I cannot agree more. This shortie is a badass hottie and she is always ready to impress the audience with something new. She has a very beautiful figure, the nature has given her gorgeous tits and a naughty butt, so why can’t she take advantage of these?

She was recently been spotted wearing a braless outfit. There’s something about this braless thing that I’m so pissed on: almost every time that we get to see a celebrity wearing a see-through braless outfit, they manage somehow to make us see nothing… or nothing more. It’s just like a delusion when you expect something else.

But I guess that’s the point of everything: making you want more and more and having to continue the undressing part in your head. Boy, Eva Longoria is so tricky! But I love her! Look at her boobs and how firm they stay even though they are not supported in a bra. This is like magic!

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