Padma Lakshimi Gets Her Bikini Body Wet

In Celebrities on 10 Dec 2012

Padma Lakshmi is one good looking hottie!

Padma Lakshimi is not quite an easy name to remember, but she’s got the perfect body to keep it imprinted in my mind. A sweet girl with Indian origins, cooling her smoking hot curves in the ocean. Nothing is more pleasing than seeing a sexy girl getting wet and making the bikini stick to her ass or boobs.

That’s what we have to deal with when we see the photos delivered by Padma Lakshimi. A good cleavage barely held by the strapless bikini bra she’s got on and a very naughty round butt make our beautiful Padma Lakshimi so desirable.

I don’t know much about her, but I really don’t have to. For me, every curve of her body tells a story. And my conclusion is that Padma Lakshimi kicks asses with her perfect shape. Now, between me and you, I’d rather kick her ass or, more gentle, slap those naughty butt-cheeks. Guilty!

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