Pamela Anderson Trying To Stay Young And Hot

In Pamela Anderson on 14 Aug 2012

What a hot show from Pamela Anderson!

Pamela Anderson needs no presentation anymore. She just needed her role in Baywatch, wearing that red one piece swimsuit and running in slow motion, while all men were watching her boobs, waiting for an impossible nip slip. But those days are over and today, at 45, Pamela Anderson can’t accept her age or that she’s getting older.

With an acting career that’s history now, all she got is her tonned body, held mostly by her huge boob implants. And if she can make money selling herself in exchange for public appearances, things get even better. All leggy in shorts, with a shirt partly unbuttoned, Pamela Anderson heats up the spirits in a St. Tropez club.

Men are on fire and she continues to curve her body, show off the long legs and incite with her sexy attitude and provocative gestures. The blonde knows how to conquer the whole room without even saying a word. Money can buy you Pamela Anderson. And I’d really wanna read between the lines, but unfortunately, I don’t know if the actress makes paid private shows, too.

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