Penelope Cruz Has Passion In Every Single Curve

In Penelope Cruz on 20 Nov 2012

Penelope Cruz offers a great leggy show!

There will always be something special about Penelope Cruz. But today it’s all about what makes her sexy. Fortunately for the actress, she doesn’t have to disclose too much to put some dirty thoughts in our minds. Penelope Cruz is the star of the Campari Calendar 2013 and the theme was red.

So the passionate Penelope wears lots of red dresses. Some are long, some short, some letting her generous cleavage out and some exposing the back. Only good tricks to incite us! But it is pointless talking about clothes when we have such a hot body in front of our eyes.

No matter what she wears, Penelope Cruz sizzles for many other reasons. Could it be her lovely big boobs? Or her delicious legs? Or the round ass revealed through the only pair of tight pants she wears in this photoshoot? Or maybe her whole curvy figure? I’d go for all!

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