Pixie Lott Leggy In Concert

In Pixie Lott on 31 Jul 2012


So close to a sexy inside of Pixie Lott!

Pixie Lott, the sweet child of UK is so undecided. She doesn’t know if it’s better for her to be the angelic blonde, or a bad girl, like she wanted to look like lately. Well, for the concert at Access All Eirias in Wales, the singer tried her good part, wearing a girly short dress, leaving her legs out, right where we can see.

She moves a lot on the stage and the stage is high, of course, so my question is: what was that photographer doing in that time? This could have been such a great opportunity for upskirt shots. But, I guess we just have to say thanks for the leggy Pixie Lott, being kind enough to show us that much…

And yet, I bet no man is satisfied with just teasing. Pixie Lot is a grown up now, a real woman, so I want to see some sexy curves, not just legs. Because she’s not shy at all, being all hot and exposed many times. So, next time, dear Pixie, play and dance for man. Or your audience was formed only from children?

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