Rihanna Is All About Her Sexuality

In Rihanna on 19 Nov 2012

Rihanna gets leggy for SNL!

The good girl gone bad Rihanna exploits her sexuality, being very aware of the fact that she really has what to show off. In the promos for her appearance in Saturday Night Live we see a Rihanna shining bright like a diamond, as she likes to say in her new song. And if in the SNL promos we get to enjoy the singer’s sexy legs, on the stage, performing in Toronto, she lets her cleavage run wild.

Squeezing her boobs as much as she can, just to make them pop, Rihanna clearly blew the audience. A rumor that she wants a boob implant, being complexed of her current size came out, but I believe her natural assets scream the contrary through these photos.

Rihanna brings sexiness everywhere she goes, just by being her, all natural. Choosing boob implants or not, she will still look hot. It’s all about the attitude and Riri is a badass.

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