Rihanna Reveals Some Wildly Sexy Bikini Photos

In Rihanna on 18 Apr 2012

Rihanna looks incredibly hot in bikini!

Rihanna knows how to have fun in her vacations and she knows to choose the perfect bikinis. Or, at least, this is what the singer let us believe, after some personal photos got in the public’s attention. Forgetting about the professional photoshoot we are used to see her, she reveals an amazing body. I can read sexiness all over her.

She’s a bit slutty, I have to admit, but this is what makes her even hotter. The bikinis are crazy, wearing thongs and even going topless in the water, covering her boobs with her hands. Oh, and as for her boobs, some captures show them bigger, others smaller. Anyway, Rihanna is aware of what she got and that’s probably why she feels so confident.

Rihanna is always a pleasure to see and if she discloses some ass, putting the bikini thongs between her butt-cheeks, then the image is perfect. She’s wild and I like her sexy dirty way of being. Who wouldn’t?

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