Rihanna Shows Her Bikini Ass In Hawaii

In Rihanna on 30 Apr 2012

Rihanna has a perfectly shaped body!

Rihanna enjoys her free time in a very productive way for us, by going to the Hawaii beaches again. As normal, she’s in bikini and she looks fabulous. This time, she was very giving to the paparazzi, giving some good snapshots of her curved ass.

In a black bikini with a bandeau bra, her boobs aren’t so impressive, after all, we got used to her small tits. The important thing is that she’s happy with herself and her bra size doesn’t keep her away from generous cleavages as we’ve seen her wearing many times.

As for the rest of Rihanna’s body, I’m speechless. She looks so damn hot and seeing her on that board, makes it really sexy. I just hope she wears sunscreen protection on her naughty butt, because we don’t want to get any sunburn, even though her chocolate skin. Riri is always ravishing, no matter what she wears, so being in a sexy bikini she simply blows our minds.

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