Rihanna’s Private Vacation Pictures [150 Photos]

In Featured, Rihanna on 8 Nov 2011
Rihanna's Private Pictures Collection

Rihanna's Private Pictures Collection

This post is pretty epic, and the gallery in it is just awesome. Seeing Rihanna’s personal vacation pictures just makes you fall in love with the Barbadian goddess. I mean you already love that awesome nearly perfect body, that amazing piece of ass, and you know a girl has a great pair of boobs when she’s loving them too! And Rihanna can’t get enough of them. As you’ll see in these personal photos of her, she just hates bras weather it’s lingerie or bikini bra, it’s a no-no for her, and it’s a win-win for us.

We also got our (now very dirty) hands on Rihanna’s personal photos backstage at some of her concerts and also in a black and white stripes jumpsuit in the recording studio. So basically what we have here is our now favorite singer all exposed: work and vacation time. This gallery misses some photos of her sleeping, but I just wanted to keep those for myself and stare at them. And maybe cry.

Getting back to her vacation, it’s all about having fun with her girlfriends. But that doesn’t mean a lack of skin or naughtiness  exposure. Oh no, Rihanna’s all about spanking her ass, grabbing her boobs, having her boobs grabbed, having her ass grabbed, bikini pulling, nipple see-throughs, bikini things and so much more.

On an ending note, Rihanna’s proved she can be very wild yet very professional and extremely cute and lovable. What else could I say? MARRY ME!!!!

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