Rosie Jones Busts Out While Licking A Popsicle

In Models on 30 Jan 2013

Hot Rosie Jones cooling off with a popsicle!

Rosie Jones is never a good girl. And this time she makes no difference. With few clothes on to cover her sexy curves, the model provokes with her body, her look and even with that insinuating popsicle she keeps licking and licking in almost all the photos. But she must have an attraction to food, because in some other photo she opens wide her mouth, leave her head back and pours some popcorn all over her.

Well, I must confess I would have expected everything else, but the popcorn to be used as a sensual item in this photoshoot. Too good Rosie Jones can handle every situation using her body, so this makes nothing but a inciting image.

As usual, Rosie Jones busts out all she got, because I believe it’s an offense to hide what she’s got to be her most precious gift by nature. There’s nothing left now than drooling over the insinuating photos of sexy Rosie Jones.

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