Roxanne Pallett Bikini Candids

In Roxanne Pallett on 28 Oct 2010
Roxanne Pallett Bikini

Roxanne Pallett Bikini

Here is Roxanne Pallett in a hot little bikini having some fun at a pool. If you don’t know, Roxanne Pallett is an British actress who is on a popular soap opera in the UK. While I could care less about her acting credits, I do care very much about the fact that she has an amazing rack, a killer body and she looks fantastic in a bikini and all soaking wet.

I love girls that have just that right amount of British accent. Keira Knightly and Emma Watson have it. It is just the right amount to be hot, but no annoying. The idea of Roxanne in her bikini coming up to me and asking with that sexy accent if I would fancy a shag makes me stop breathing. I want to say I would respond with ” Talley ho! Let’s go back to your flat for some tea, biscuits and a proper shag.” In reality I might just pass out and wake up three days later in the hospital with a skull fracture where I hit the back of my head on the concrete as I hit the ground. . . maybe she would then give me a mercy shag. I’m always thinking like that, even when I have brain damage.

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