Russian Ladies Make Car-Wash Entertaining

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Carwash - The Russian Bikini Girls Way

Carwash - The Russian Bikini Girls Way

Next time you’ll wash your car you’ll feel very sorry for yourself living so far away from Russia. On the other hand, Moscow has seen a drastic increase of drivers taking the short long-cuts via dusty roads and no one knew why. Until everybody discovered these sexy ladies washing cars in their bikinis for around $33. They also offer a topless car wash, if you double the funds. Wisely spent money I’d say, as you get 2 in one deal – having your car washed while enjoying a nice entertaining show. It’s like slowly driving your car through a strip club.

Summer entertainment! you might be tempted to say. Wrong, the ladies will wear latex suits to make this an all-year business.









Russian Bikini Carwash - Sexy and Clean

Russian Bikini Carwash. Clean, but I feel so dirty.


Russian Bikini Carwash. Washing costs, watching is free.

Russian Bikini Carwash. You missed a spot there

Russian Bikini Carwash. Big car, hard job.

No excavators allowed!


Ass rubbing to make it shine!

Some more ass-washing and posing time.

You dirty car-washer!

Russian Bikini Carwash - inside.


This bikini girls never miss a spot!

Posing once again.

Drivers, watch out -Vehicle pile-up down the road!

Giving the car a nice rim job.

Loving your job will make you happy.


High heels for big cars.

That's a lot of white liquid you sprayed in there!

Some more white stuff on the rear.

Get it wet alright.

Getting down to get the job done right.

Russian Bikini Carwash SHOW.

High heels do their job once again.


Double rear view.

With every like we get, a hot babe drops her bra!

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