Salma Hayek Booty And Cleavy On The Movie Set

In Salma Hayek on 15 Jun 2012

Salma Hayek is smoking hot and she's got such a firm ass!

Salma Hayek is filming for her new movie, Grown Ups 2 and she’s offering quite o view on the set. Curvy, the actress shows her butt and boobs in a sport outfit, tight on her body and also in a red dress. Everything suits her perfectly and it’s incredible how she looks at the age of 45.

She was always known for her generous cleavage and she was never afraid of making it the center of attention in many of her outfits. After all, once a woman is aware of what she has best, she can flatter with all the time. Salma Hayek still looks young and with that rocking ass she makes jealous not only men, because we can’t touch it, but women, too.

I’m curious about the movie. Seing Salma Hayek moving with those naughty boobs she has is way more exciting than any photos. Yet, she transmits her hotness through the camera, too. Enjoy these curves and dream on, guys!

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