Sara Sampaio Covers Her Body In H&M And VS Lingerie

In Models on 7 Aug 2012

Sara Sampaio incites with ass and sexy lace lingerie on!

Some girls are just made for wearing only lingerie! And this is the case for Sara Sampaio, too, because otherwise she wouldn’t be posing in underwear for H&M and Victoria’s Secret at about the same time. From these two brands, you don’t get to choose your favorite photoshoot of the model, you may only make preferences regarding what she wears.

Because it’s just too hard naming that one photo where she looks the sexiest, the hottest. As always, I can try as much as I can to have a little inside view through that lace and still there’s no result. We are only teased by Sara Sampaio, hiding her boobs so well in those bras and accessorizing her curves with girdles and black stockings.

Oh, how they know we can’t resist a hot model wearing lingerie and still, their main target are woman, who don’t know appreciating beauty like we do. Well, girls should inspire more of these photos when buying underwear. After all, men just consider it foreplay. If only Sara Sampaio could be involved in this equation.

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